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Deo Suveera


Haptic fingernail to bring sense of touch to daily digital communication.

All week at Klokgebouw | Hall 3 | Strijp-S

FULU is a fingernail-mounted haptic interface. It is easy to use and is connected to your mobile phone with Bluetooth. With FULU, you can send and receive touch with your family members or your loved ones who are far away. You can also touch remote textures like the beach or your dog back home.

Currently, digital experiences are focused on the audio-visual whilst other human senses are fundamentally neglected. Of these other sensory systems, touch is important for creating trust and empathy, such as when babies first create a connection with their mother by a simple touch. FULU is a fingernail-mounted haptic interface for Augmented Reality in our daily life. With FULU, you can touch textures far away, or in the digital world. The device creates a virtual feeling of touch on the top side of the nail, whilst your soft finger pad is free to touch physical objects. In other words, FULU creates ‘Augmented Touch’, allowing users to experience virtual and physical touch seamlessly and simultaneously. FULU means ‘tangible’ in Japanese. FULU is small and light - the size of a fingernail. It is easy to use: users can connect to smartphones using Bluetooth to enjoy touch experiences anytime, anywhere. FULU can send and receive touch remotely. For example, you can “touch call” with a long-distance partner or family member. FULU can create texture and touch sensation from 2D images, adding 3D depth to current 2D screens. FULU adds another dimension to the digital experience.

Ryo Tada

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