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Stop the waste, keep the fashion. Knit1 now!


Sanele putting on Shadow Knit jumper
Photograhy: Tristan Melano, Person: Sanele Xaba

New Industrial Order is a personalized-fashion laboratory.
Our mission is to enable knitwear on demand for the fashion industry. At DDW'19 we present the Knit1: a seamless 3D knitted jumper that is made-to-measure for every individual.

3D knitwear is clothing that is produced in one piece, without cutting, without seams and without waste. We use 3D knit machines as 3D printers to make personalised clothing on a large scale. The result: less consumption, more quality, less waste, more luxury, less CO2 and more "you".

N.I.O. activities include:
• N.I.O. LAB: researching virtual knit design, 3D knitting, body measurement extraction, virtual fitting, personalisation and the on-demand supply chain
• N.I.O. SHOP: You decide what is made. Invest in your own personalised luxury 3D knitted jumper
• N.I.O. KNITCLOUD: building the technology and the production network that is needed to connect the world to knitwear on demand.

At Dutch Design Week we invite you into our universe. Touch & try 3D knitwear, talk to the team and learn all about our progress. And yes, we will be taking orders again!


New Industrial Order

New Industrial Order consists of artists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs working together to create a new sustainable fashion system around production on demand.

N.I.O. is built on the foundation laid by The Girl and the Machine, the first 3D knitwear brand in the world, presented at DDW 2016 by knitwear designer Rosanne van der Meer. After successfully completing the EU-funded Climate KIC Startup Accelerator we now launch our online platform.