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What can trees do for us – and we for the trees? Take a walk through the woods at Atelier NL and help green up the city.

WildHout - WildWood

Atelier NL

Trees are a vital part of nature. They store carbon and produce oxygen, so cutting them down is a bad idea, right? Except maybe that isn’t quite true. WildHout walks you through the various challenges surrounding sustainable forestry and the fascinating ways we can work with trees.

Enter the WildHout exhibition through a forest of saplings, part of a community response to the violent storm last June that uprooted hundreds of trees in Eindhoven. Rather than leaving it all up to the city to replace them, you can adopt a tree for €10. In return, the municipality will plant two more.

Among the trees, you can listen to stories about the challenges and complex decisions involved in forest management. A large oak, for instance, is host to many plants and animals, but removing it allows the forest to regenerate and frees up space for young trees that, together, absorb much more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Adopting a tree has its own questions: will you take it home; donate it to replace a tree in the city; or should it be planted in a natural food or production forest?

The exhibition continues with innovative proposals from designers who work with wood as a sustainable material. The intricate connections between forest management, local producers, and the community are all visualised on Here you can follow, in both images and stories, what happened to each tree — from its original location to your own home.


Atelier NL

Atelier NL develops products that showcase the richness of the earth and the value of local raw materials. Each earthly element tells a different story and yields a different product. Atelier NL’s work is based on a passionate and unique research methodology that analyzes the hidden narratives of the earth and all that it produces. Atelier NL speaks to the graceful subtleties of the natural world by reshaping raw earth elements into tangible, everyday objects.