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Unearthing the next era of human history

The Symbiocene Forest

The Symbiocene Forest
BioArt Laboratories

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories - a repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest. The breeding ground for many award winning innovations. It is a refreshing place where things are done differently. A place, unfinished, unpolished, provocative, and alive.

At this off-grid location we are challenging the anthropocentric perspectives on economy, habitation and land by adopting key principles of the Symbiocene. The Symbiocene revolves around ecological and evolutionary thinking of the interconnectedness of life and all living thing. Such symbioses are in stark contrast with current human influence and increasing dominance of climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes. During DDW 2019, BioArt Laboratories explorers these key principles of the Symbiocene: the full elimination of toxic-to-life substances; the complete and safe biodegradability of all materials in human use, the exploitation of non-polluting forms of safe, socially just renewable energy and organic integration of technology with physical and living systems. Our old bunker complex, the laboratory workplace and the rural environment outside will form the scenery of the event and its activities through exhibitions and all types of events. Extra festive is that BioArt Laboratories founder Jalila Essaidi is one of the ambassadors of the Dutch Design Week this year. That must be celebrated! All kinds of special activities take place on the entire BioArt Village site!

BioArt Laboratories Foundation

BioArt Laboratories strongly focusses on talent development and preservation for Eindhoven and its region. At BioArt Laboratories, designers, scientists, and artists are offered a platform to develop themselves on different levels: artistically, research, development, marketing and entrepreneurship. Our expertise is the crossover between biotechnology and the creative industry. BioArt Laboratories facilitates these young talents with the first steps in their professional career.