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Handmade porcelain by Studio Ineke van der Werff

Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue collection
Studio Ineke van der Werff

As a ceramist I love to explore and challenge the materials and techniques I work with. I always try to find new and exciting ways to redefine my old craftsmanship. This year I've been working with cobalt oxyde.

Cobalt oxyde is known for the typical Delft Blue. With this new collection I've tried to create a modern version of this centuries old technique. Resulting in a collection of tableware, vases and a new line of jewellery.

My presentation will be accompanied by the tasteful tea of Lemon Poppy. Edvina (creator of Lemon Poppy) will be hosting tea tastings during the first weekend of DDW.

Inspired by the mountains of Albania, Lemon Poppy’s MNTN.TEA collection brings together four premium wild-growing herbs to soothe your body, mind and soul. Working with local farmers who hand pick each and every flower and leaf, making sure the teas are created in harmony with nature.

The MNTN.TEA collection consists of our classic mountain tea, Sideritis raeseri, in combination with three other mountain herbs: wild marjoram, thyme and sage. All herbs are 100% organic.


Studio Ineke van der Werff

Studio Ineke van der Werff designs and produces unique ceramics. With an experimental approach, Ineke creates plates, bowls, cups and vases that are each uniquely glazed. Her porcelain collections are both functional and tactile and invite to be touched. Besides tableware and home accessories, she designed a contemporary collection of porcelain jewellery.

Her ceramics studio is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.