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(Archive) Transforming Eindhoven Central Train station area

Get involved in the biggest urban transformation in the city of Eindhoven!

This project was part of DDW 2019
Central Train station area development — © © KCAP

The municipality of Eindhoven is currently working on future plans for the redevelopment of the central station area and Fellenoord. It is a large scale redevelopment in our city center so ambitions are high.Will you join us to create the skyline of the future?

It includes a balanced mixture of living, working and leisure in a sustainable way, spread over 600.000 m2. Plans are in the making and we invite you to think with us about how to give this place an identity which meet your demands! Which boxes should be

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Artist impression birdseye Dommelvallei — © © KCAP

Artist impression eye level Fellenoord — © © KCAP

Artist impression Dommelvallei — © © Studio Marco Vermeulen/The Mountains Corporation

Artist impression Dutch Mountains