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Key scenes from 75 personal Brabant war stories depicted in miniature form.

Parachutist Carman landt in een veld bij Eerde... — © Rocco Verdult

Lives were changed dramatically during WW2. Brabant Remembers recalls these inspiring and personal stories in which a life-changing moment is the central theme. These key scenes are depicted in 75 miniature forms in the project STILLLEVEN (still life) by Studio Rocco Verdult.

Social designer Rocco Verdult from Eindhoven conceived the STILLLEVEN concept in his role as creative curator for Brabant Remembers; a collection of 75 scale models in which the audience can actually walk around a story and view the key scene from various

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About Rocco Verdult & Brabant Remembers

Brabant Remembers tells personal stories about WW2: large or small, about mobilisation, resistance, collaboration or liberation. 75 stories in which life-changing moments are the central theme. These stories have been interpreted into an innovative cultural programme for 2019-2020.

Brabant Remembers is an initiative of the Crossroads Brabant ‘40-’45 Foundation and is supported by the province of North Brabant and vfonds. Brabant Remembers is a partner of Europe Remembers.


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Strijp T+R area, Achtseweg Zuid 151
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