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(Archive) Vlisco&co : presents the Youth of Africa

Vlisco&co : presents the works of young creative talents across Africa, expressing modern culture through collaboration and experimentation.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Film still 'A beautiful Struggle' — © Film maker: Dafe Oboro

Vlisco&co continuously seeks to work with young experimental creative talent from a range of African countries. This exhibition is centered around the works of fashion designers, filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Through their work we learn, listen.

Vlisco Netherlands established a new venture in 2017 which it named Vlisco&co. The name speaks not only of Vlisco and its partners but also of collaboration and cooperation. The presence of Vlisco prints in Africa since the end of the 19th century

Film still 'An Alien in Town' — © Film maker: Daniel Obasi

Research 'Heritage & Story telling' — © Researcher: Jessica Sarkodie

Photo series 'DNA' — © Illustrator 'Ngadi Smart'

Illustration series 'Golden Period of Ivory Coast'