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Arita collection prototypes by Dimitri Bähler
Creative Residency Arita

Creative Residency Arita 2018-2019

Experimental ceramic projects by internationally active artists and designers in collaboration with highly skilled Japanese craftsmen.

All week at Atelier NL | Hallenweg

A presentation of the experimental ceramic projects developed by several internationally active artists and designers during their 12 weeks of respective residency programme together with highly skilled Japanese craftsmen and ceramic researchers.

We will present the experimental ceramic prototypes and projects of eight artists and designers from September 2018 and August 2019. The participating artists are Florence Dwyer (Scotland), Lora Dimova (Finland), Antye Guenther (The Netherlands), Isabel Ferrand (The Netherlands), with the designers consisting of Franciska Meijers (The Netherlands), Dimitri Bähler (Switzerland), and Viktor Hachmang (The Netherlands).

We are also introducing the post-residency development of two residency projects which are now distributed worldwide as commercial products. They are Made by Rain by Aliki van der Kruijs, which are developed together with Fukusen potter in Arita, and the UTSUĂ€ porcelain brand developed by the Marubun trading company in Arita under the creative direction of Dutch designer Tijmen Smeulders.

Both projects are initiated in Arita and developed to commercial products. These are a prime example of the long-term commercial viability of our projects in the post-residency phase.

Franciska Meijers

Lightings, Cups and a Tray, Vases

Isabel Ferrand

Memories of Hands ( Film )

Florence Dwyer

Series of perfume bottles

Lora Dimova


Antye Guenther

Brain Vases

Dimitri Bähler

Arita Collection ( prototypes )

Viktor Hachmang


UTSUĂ€ is a new brand designed by the one of residents, Tijmen Smeulders and a trading company in Arita.

Made by Rain

Made by Rain
Made by Rain porcelain was developed during a creative residency in Arita, Japan. Working in collaboration with the Japanese potter Fukusengama, she devised a process to “draw” on porcelain by creating modest patterning with actual rain using three tones of the typical “Fukusen blue” glaze color.
It is now distributed by a brand, Thomas Eyck in Holland