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(Archive) Open Archief

This project was part of DDW 2019
Montage van een archiefkast (detail) — © Firma Gispen / Verzameling (GISP) n289-159

Reuse of digital collections in museums and archives produces new stories in potentially surprising, innovative forms. For Open Archive, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision have invited makers to create new work using archive items from their digital collections.

Artist Guy Königstein, filmmaker Donna Verheijden and artist/designer Oana Clitan will develop new media works based on both institutions’ online digital collections as part of the Open Archive project. They will present their work at Dutch Design Week 20

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Oana Clitan, Future news, official screens, 2019. — © Zonsondergang op zee vanaf een schip

Donna Verheijden, The Stolen Archive (Still) 2019 — © Donna Verheijden, The Stolen Archive (Still) 2019