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DDW Talks: Social Design

What is the future of social design?

Mon 21 oct at FIFTH | NRE | Downtown

The Social Design Talk investigates how designers can strengthen our social fabric, raise awareness for social issues, help create an inclusive society and promote new cultural behaviour.

On this Social Design day we will explore a number of best practices in social design by Reframing Studio and MUZUS, from conversation pieces to system changes. We discover how diverse the field really is and what is all involved.

Based on the Field H@cks case we will debate, when can you consider your social design project to be a success? How can you measure this, how can you create and embed your impact? We will discuss the various approaches for creating ownership and how you can design yourself ‘away'.

We end the day with a few in-depth break-out sessions: from a crash course in governmental design by the Governance Design Studio to ethics in the profession and the strength of speculative design. Can't get enough? To complete this day of Social Design, you can join the Social Design Showdown evening program where we’ll get more in-depth about the social design landscape. Sign up in the link below for the evening program 20:00 - 22:00 at Fifth NRE.

This Social Design talk is established by content partners Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Nicky Liebregts with support from Creative Industries Fund NL and business partner DesignEuropa Awards.

All DDW Talks are English spoken.

Neele Kistemaker (MUZUS)

Best Practices
BLOCK 1 - Best Practices
Neele Kistemaker from MUZUS will take you through their research driven design approach.

Reframing Studio

Best Practices
BLOCK 1 - Best Practices
Reframing Studio explains their approach of tackling the system, talking about the 'Redesigning the Psychiatry' case.

Elisa Otañez

Best Practices
BLOCK 1 - Best Practices
Designer Elisa Otañez uses design as a conversation piece, or a conversation piece as design. Taking you through her method with her graduation design Yellow Spot (DAE, 2018).

Rick Nijkamp (Kantar Public)

BLOCK 2 - Impact
Rick Nijkamp - Kantar Public on the topic of impact of social design projects.

Nynke Tromp

BLOCK 2 - Impact
Nynke Tromp, author of the book Designing for Society, will take about the impact of social design projects.

Jop Japenga - Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken

BLOCK 2 - Impact
Jop Japenga of design studio Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken will talk about impact through the example of the extreme case of Field H@cks, a case initiated by Baltan Laboratories in Lesbos.

Julia Veldman

BLOCK 2 - Impact
Julia Veldman C talks about impact and storytelling.

William Voorberg (Governance Design Studio)

Break-Out session
BLOCK 4 - Break-Out sessions
In the break out sessions, we'll get (inter)active. On of the sessions given by Willam Voorburg on behalf of Governance Design Studio. The topic, you guessed it; Governance.

Nicky Liebregts

BLOCK 3 - Ownership
Nicky Liebregts will talk about her collaboration with Manon van Hoeckel, called 'Klusplus'.

Tove Elfferich (morgenmakers)

BLOCK 3 - Ownership
Tove Elfferich (morgenmakers) will talk about her experiences in the project StratumWerkt.

Gabriel Fontana

BLOCK 4 - Break-out sessions
Gabriel Fontana will get practical in the break-out session, with his example on gender equality on playgrounds.

Sacha & Vera (Ultra Ultra)

BLOCK 4 - Break-out sessions
Sacha & Vera from Ultra Ultra will give a break-out session titled 'Dialogue Triggers'.

MODERATOR: Danielle Arets

Daniëlle Arets associate lector Journalism and Innovation (Fontys Tilburg) will moderate the DDW Talks Social Design.