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A happy marriage between biology and technology

DDW Talks: Bio Design

Teresa van Dongen - Mud Well
Alex Hamstra

The Bio Design Talk gets you up to speed on the rapidly-developing field of Bio Design. Discover the difference between designing with nature and designing new nature.

The Bio Design Talk gets you up to speed on the rapidly developing field of Bio Design. Bio Design crosses the border between the ‘made’ and the ‘born’. Enabling living organisms as essential design elements, it brings us products that adapt, grow, sense and repair themselves. Industrial and mechanical systems are replaced with biological processes. Bio design overtakes imitation and biomimicry, completely dissolving the boundaries between organisms and objects. A happy marriage between biology and technology.
The Bio Design Talks is established and curated by Next Nature Network. The day will be moderated by Ruben Baart, editor in chief of Next Nature Network.

All DDW Talks are English spoken.


DDW Talks

For the first time this year, Dutch Design Week has curated the DDW Talks programme with different partners. Based on the seven themes we investigate the many facets of design. Together with key figures from the field of design and beyond, we explore a diversity of design disciplines, discussing current affairs, reflecting on the past and casting our minds into the future.