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ABN AMRO offers young designers a platform to present themselves to a larger audience.

ABN AMRO HOTSPOTS | Lisa Jongejans

photo credits: Jeroen v. d. Wielen, Lisa Jongejans

CONNECTED | series of urns

In the Netherlands, there are three options after you die: being buried, being cremated or donating your body to science. Many people choose the latter, so there are enough bodies for many years to come. The first two options are not environmentally friendly. Burying takes up a lot of land and cremating emits a large amount of CO2.
From 2025 there is a new and sustainable alternative in the Netherlands: resomation. The body dissolves into powder in three hours’ time using alkaline hydrolysis. This powder contains valuable nutrients for organisms in the soil and for nature.
‘CONNECTED’ by Lisa Jongejans is a series of urns, a final destination, and a farewell ritual. They are 100% biodegradable and do not pollute the earth, because she uses the powder from resomation, mycelium and flower seeds. The urns connect with valuable memories of your loved ones.
In partnership with BlueCity Lab.



ABN AMRO is an entrepreneurial bank with a social impact. We see a clear shift in the economy and society towards sustainable solutions. This is a good development, because as a society we have a number of serious issues: climate change, scarcity of raw materials, and social inequality. As a bank, we want to accelerate this shift towards sustainability. This is also reflected in our tightened up strategy, in which we place a heavy emphasis on sustainability. We believe that design and sustainability go hand in hand, and designers can make a difference.