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Working together on a future where nutrition is our remedy.

Voedselapotheek Wake Up @DDW

Voedselapotheek Wake Up @DDW
Fotografie: Naomi Jansen (Voedselapotheek)

The Food Pharmacy has the ambition to solve societal challenges in the field of nutrition and health. Take a different look at your own organization, by implementing small changes today we can start large transitions on the long term.

We start the early morning at a magical place, on the rooftop of building TQ at Strijp-T. From this place we see the sun rise over the heart of the DDW. We start the morning by getting ourselves moving led by Eindhoven Gym. Eating a healthy breakfast together - with ingredients from Seven Steps to Heaven - will help us start the day fit. Full of energy we start a discussion about the role that healthcare, food production, government and education play in initiating a healthy food transition. Through design thinking methods we work towards new collaborations and solutions for a healthy future society. We focus on the changes that every stakeholder can implement today to achieve the long term goal. We close the session with a tour at the DDW where we provide a number of examples on what design can do.

This event is made possible by Eindhoven Gym, Seven Steps to Heaven, Hollands Welvaren, Transitie Coalitie Voedsel, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Rabobank.


De Voedselapotheek

The Food Pharmacy is a creative workplace where designers are in search of new connections between food and health. Together with food and health professionals we find crossovers and translate that into innovative products and concepts that encourage more awareness about the importance of healthy eating. By working together on a healthy food landscape now, healthy eating will become more accessible to everyone in the future, We are the drivers of a new healthy movement!