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(Archive) Surplus presents : Rethink Processes

Rethink processes is exhibiting emerging creatives, enhancing their gameplay, acting on current design, on a quest to reshuffle the design expression.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Surplus presents : Rethink Processes poster — © photo by Pierre Castignola

Rethink processes is exhibiting emerging creatives reacting on the industrial quest of perfection in terms of aesthetics and function. The exhibition creates a confrontation between two spaces. One side represents the outcome of the industry and the other the reaction of individual creatives.

Rethink processes is exhibiting emerging designers and creatives, by enhancing their meticulous gameplay with industrial process, materials, forms and concepts of use. It is a raw expression of design current state, that exist between in a constant que

Preview of versions of exhibited works — © Graphic design by Jonathan Levain