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Faye, Interactive running shirt for motivation
Daphne Menheere

Personalized Running Experiences

Designing smart solutions for recreational runners

All week at Warehouse of Innovation | Central By TUe, Fontys and Marathon Eindhoven

We aim to strengthen participation in running by integrating and enriching biophysical, psychographic and contextual data in the design of smart solutions for recreational runners.

In our exposition we will demonstrate different products that focus on different questions aiming to personalize running experiences: How can we design for injury prevention through the use of music? How can an on-skin interface contribute to the meaning of feedback on injuries? How can we design to enhance motivation through wearable technolgy? How can the environment stimulate new feedback mechanisms on running behavior? How can we enrich our understanding of running through data visualizations of popular running applications?

TUe, Fontys and Marathon Eindhoven

This exposition is a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology (Department of Industrial Design), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (School of Sport Studies), and Marathon Eindhoven.