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People Centric Hospital

People Centric Community Hospital

Designing a place of significant life events
Design Talk by Srdjan Jovicic at 13.30 and 15.00 hrs at the Philips Museum

All week at Philips Museum | Central By Philips Museum and Philips Experience Design

Using an integrated multidisciplinary approach, the Design Team were able to focus on the patient and staff experience throughout the design process and develop not only a hospital, but a vibrant healthcare system that supports the community.

Hospitals are places where lives are born, saved and at times where life ends. In order to design a meaningful public service, one has to develop a deep understanding of the character of a place, its identity, desires and beliefs of its people. Philips Experience Design was asked to provide an innovative and people-centric solution for a new specialized hospital for cardiac care in Riyadh. The goal of the design was to create an environment that is both culturally sensitive and innovative in care delivery.
The Design Team approached the challenge by exploring the hospital as a place of significant life events, similar to designing a home, neighborhood, or a city. They asked themselves why hospitals across the globe all look alike, if even though our environments and cultures are very distinct and diverse. As such, they decided to leverage a multidisciplinary team including not only architects and designers but also user and trend researchers, data analysts, anthropologists, cultural advisors, clinicians, operational and technology experts to conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative research to identify opportunity areas and critical points through a patient journey.

Philips Museum and Philips Experience Design

Philips Experience Design was founded in 1925. Over 500 designers in 15 studios around the world create products, services and solutions that are meaningful to the people who purchase or use them. Every year Philips Design wins over 130 international design prizes. The designers offer a look behind the scenes and insight in the challenges and cooperations.
The Philips Museum gives a fascinating picture of Philips developing from a small light bulb manufacturer into an innovative global company.