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Soul of design - Organic lamp, X-ray on light box
Sarai van de Boel

New Light - philosophical considerations/talks

These talks are part of the exhibition New Light

All week at Studio Sarai | Strijp T+R By Sarai van de Boel

Sarai van de Boel gives a philosophical reflection on the New Light exhibition at Studio Sarai at three moments during the Dutch Design Week. It is an interactive conversation with visitors in which she takes a closer look at the phenomenon of light.

Studio Sarai is organizing three sessions at the DDW for the New Light groupexhibition with a philosophical approach. Sarai van de Boel leads a conversation about the phenomenon of light. Design and art are the means to learn something about the world. By looking at heritage, artworks, design and architecture in a philosophical way, people become more aware of the value of, for example, their environment and what place and responsibility they have within it. The art acts as a mirror.

Sarai van de Boel

Studio Sarai organizes thematic group exhibitions. The Studio is set open to public on the DDW. Studio Sarai is also the name that Sarai van de Boel uses for workouts about philosophy, art and design, to teach people about values and meaning about the world. In addition she develops educational programs for designers with a philosophical approach for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Studio Sarai delivers training about art and design to museums and companies.