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Bachelor of textile design specialised in knitting
Flora Jones

EXI(S)T is a platform in which 9 recently graduated textile design students from the Swedish School of Textiles, both Bachelor and Masters exhibit their graduation collections.

Textile design as a profession has as its foundation working with colour, pattern, material, and structural thinking, e.g. weaving or knitting. Likewise, decoration meets with material function in defining the textile design practice. Form-making in textile design goes beyond just deciding upon the features which define the attractiveness of the surface. We can say that textile design is about intertwining surface aesthetics and functionality. With care for living; how the textile looks, protects, tactility and influences the life (experience?) and use of other products, e.g. garments, objects and spaces.
The knowledge of a textile designer can be part of, contribute too and/or enrich other design processes, e.g. fashion, products, interiors and even architecture.


the Swedish school of textiles

Design, textile materials, and challenging existing textile techniques are in the focus of the program Textile Design. With knowledge in technology and the latest research in materials and fibers, the students can test the limits of how these materials could be designed.