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Visualizing Korean Traditional Dance, Music; SINAWI

The Reframing of Being Forgotten

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The Reframing of Being Forgotten
Gun-Young Lee

Suk Go research the representation of sound information using digital media, such as video, infographics, Arduino, etc. By visualizing Korean and Dutch folk dance and music through these modern techniques, she makes old traditions relevant for current generations, but also other cultures.

Sinawi is improvisation and an oral music genre within Korean Traditional; the notes are never written down. By creating a music score that visually reflects the nature of the only 4 different sounds such as plain, trembling, bending and resonating notes, listeners gain extra insight into what they are hearing. As a result, The graphics score system, video performers, and mechanical dancer work simultaneously with Korean traditional improvisation 'Sinawi' and hold a concert in a new type.


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The Reframing of Being Forgotten

Suk Go

SOOK.TODAY works with various visualization experiments based on the information. SOOK.TODAY always experiment with various ways of expression depending on the information, and always try to find the right visual format to convey information effectively.