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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations

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Art, Tech and Fun! - ROBOTS, E-fashion, Kids.
50 artists of the Future
(mis)Matches between men and technology, being safe and connected.
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For the fifth year in a row, Manifestations shows artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, examine the (mis) matches between people and technology and ask how technology can contribute to a sweeter, more humane world.

With more than 50 works by mostly young, recently graduated artists who put the exciting interaction between people and technology in a different light. 
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Manifestations is the largest Art & Tech event during Dutch Design Week.

Theme: Monsters, Free the Byte!
We need the Fun in a world where misunderstanding and fear of the other dominates. By focusing on the exhibition as monsters, we give people a light-hearted insight into what is currently going on. A monster is seen as a terrifying creature: extraordinary, ugly and BIG. But a monster can also be sweet and human like the Cookie Monster.

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Art Tech Fun Robots Wearables eGirls Manifestations


Stichting Art and Technology

Manifestations is a production of ViolaVirus, MAD emergent art center. Met dank aan Gemeente Eindhoven, Mondriaanfonds, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, VSB fonds, Pictoright, High Tech Campus, Chat.Live.Nu en vele anderen.