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Timing Tool

A drop of a second

3D viewing room
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Studio Ariane Shirvani

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence. In this piece, water is used as a medium to indicate the time.

A copper bowl with a small hole in the bottom float on a glass container filled with water, as time passes, water speeds from the glass container through the hole into the copper bowl, the system is based on the laws of fluid mechanics helping users to understand the time as a controlling force that alters reality.
​The object is inspired by a timing tool which was employed in Persia to ensure fair irrigation practices around 600 B.C.

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Ariane Shirvani

Ariane Shirvani is a Berlin-based designer, graduated with an MA of art in design and interior from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan in 2015.Ariane’s work reflects her ongoing preoccupation with matters of perception. she design objects with a sensory experience through an investigation into historical heritages. Her collections drawing upon cultural icons of eastern history, she infuses those objects with a new definition that responds to the needs of our contemporary existence.