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A light piece championing repurposed optical lenses and the dynamism of Eindhoven.

Lens Luminaire

3D viewing room
Lens Luminaire by Object Density
Dick Rennings
Also real life

Drawing upon the city’s history of lighting innovation, New Objectivity architecture, and a re-contextualisation of a waste stream, The Lens Luminaire is the tangible convergence of inspiration and a physical expression of the development of Eindhoven’s city culture.

De Bruin Heer, (now named De Admirant) formerly served as the Philips head office, and is one of Eindhoven’s most iconic buildings. Now standing at the foot of the building is Mr Brown Specs & Beans, a luxury optician & coffee cafe. Through a close enquiry into the Optician’s process and production, Object Density have realised the opportunity to redefine an element of waste.  

Mr Brown’s lens supplier Essilor, produces some of the most optically advanced lenses available, however as with any form of production, there are often surplus or dead-stock lenses that cannot be used. It is almost nonsensical for these technically precise, high-end lenses to become useless because their initial purpose cannot be fulfilled. The Lens Luminaire seeks to reinstate each lens’ inherent beauty and value, the distortion of the light source highlighting the unique optical properties of each lens. 

Showcased in a structure derived from the detailing of luxury optics and the history of De Bruin Heer, this piece champions Eindhoven - it’s past and present, and how their interplay may shape our future.


Object Density

Founded by Nicola Charlesworth and Kim Stanek, both graduates of Industrial Design from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Object Density produces objects, products and installations for the home and gallery space.

Through examination of object typologies, materials and processes of the past and present, Object Density believes that a designed object can become ‘dense’; dense with the collected tacit knowledge of all those who take part in the process.