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Enabling vital, beautiful, and empowered aging

Prosthetic X

3D viewing room
Prosthetic X - VI Radiowaves
Isaac Monté

Our headspace will be ever more used to monitor, communicate and show our social, mental, and physical health and wellbeing. With Prosthetic X, this is done through an artificial ‘data’ organ, in which 9 protheses serve as an aura that beautifies and empowers elderly, while combating loneliness.

Imagine a future where we have a data organ that shows how healthy we are. This seems like a speculative scenario, but in fact this will become possible soon. Prosthetic X is an art-driven innovation project that stimulates the thinking about how, why and who gains insight in your personal health data. For this we have developed 9 prostheses that collect data from and about ourselves by means of an artificial, physical data organ and provide real-time feedback about our health status by means of transformation. It shows various prostheses that react to blood pressure, UV radiation, air quality or social interaction, among other things. The focus is on privacy-by-design and the empowerment of the aging population. Via a personal data donation register we determine how the data is handled; is it private, will it be shared with loved ones, healthcare providers, science or can the data even be used commercially? The prostheses are interactive and change shape and color, the key to reading can be personalized. Because how do you want to show your inner beauty on the outside?

Early prototypes of Prosthetic X were researched and developed in the context of 3×3 at V2_.


Isaac Monté and In4Art

Studio Isaac Monté focusses on societal sustainability and material-driven design and research. As a pioneer he combines technology, art and science, to show how art can contribute to a strategy of sustainable development.
In4Art creates space for experiments on the intersection of art, science and technology based on their ‘art driven innovation method’ to realize responsible innovations and strategic implications.