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(Archive) FreshTag

FreshTag indicating technology for promoting food waste reduction.

This project was part of DDW 2020
FreshTag Limited

60 per cent of the food waste in the UK is still edible, the average household spends £500 annually on wasted food because of the confusion of date code expiry. FreshTag is here to offer you an evolutionary solution for reassuring food freshness and safety, greatly reducing avoidable food waste.

Have you ever wondered if the food you left in the fridge is still okay to eat? Or have you felt guilty when wasting food that you did not cook in time? Our FreshTag Freshness Indicating Technology (FIT) is an innovative smart labelling system that sign-p

FreshTag scientific mechanism of the technology — © FreshTag Limited

FreshTag colour coding system — © FreshTag Limited

FreshTag market entry approach — © FreshTag Limited

FreshTag future prospective

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