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Zeeuws Museum X Remi Veldhoven X Hul le Kes

3D viewing room

International woven fabrics are a colourful curiosity in the Zeeuws Museum’s collection of eighteenth-century textiles. Never before have they been subjected to such extensive research in partnership with designers to determine their origins, weaves, use of colour, production and distribution.

Textile designer and researcher Remi Veldhoven and fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes offer insights into and awareness of contemporary sustainable design and production methods in comparison to those of centuries past.

In partnership with textile companies Wolkat in Tilburg and EE Exclusives - Van Engelen & Evers in Heeze, the Zeeuws Museum offers a glimpse into the creation of a new damask coat.


Zeeuws Museum

The Zeeuws Museum is located in the historical centre of Middelburg. In the medieval abbey complex you will discover Zeeland’s unexpected treasures: from archeological finds and world-famous tapestries to traditional costumes, silver and exotic objects from distant lands. The extensive and varied collection is central to the museum’s innovative exhibitions, which always have a connection to the here and now.