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Future gifts, future shifts

What's in store for the future

3D viewing room
Hack your hormones with the ‘Lust bomb’.
Anne Abdoel for Buro Zorro

What does the future of love and sex hold? How do we find each other amidst this hyper-individualistic society and what gives us pleasure when most stimulants are banned from our lifestyle? Discuss, think ahead and decide if any of these possible futures suits you.

Would you like to know what the future holds and give this as a present to your friends and loved ones? That’s possible in our Future Store. Read stories from the future and order something now to use for later. Cry Cream, a lust bomb, a dose of me-time, a shot of happiness and a membership on life. Great giveaways for that one friend with lovesickness, or that divorced friend who would like to date with no strings attached. Get a membership to stay in contact with a deceased loved or a shot of happiness from the Longevity kit to raise a toast to the next stage of life. The 5 Future gifts represent the 5 taboo themes of sex, death, life, religion and pleasure.

Lust bomb
Hack your hormones and turn your sex life into a series of highlights.

Stay in contact with a deceased loved one.

Healing ritual
Follow the 6 steps of this healing ritual to open up yourself.

Cry cream
It’s such a sparkling way to cry.

Longevity kit
A box of meaning for a long and happy ever after.

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Buro Zorro

Buro Zorro explores the future. The team of researchers and designers hunt for innovations and trends, and explore our ever changing needs. The Future Store finds its origin in research on the future of faith, hope and love. The most basic and intimate, human and meaningful, subjects of all. Themes that are closely connected to human experience and have great relevance, but at the same time can be difficult to talk about.