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(Archive) Moving Bench

Street art directors adapt years of experience into interactive urban design.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Moving bench at Chamberlain Square Birmingham (UK) — © Background picture: Jimmy Dustpan

This is a physical event: 17/11 - 31/12
Perron Piet Hein Eek

You eye catches up a colorful bench and you try to find a place to sit. It may feel uncomfortable to sit close to a stranger but moving your seat away from the other can be unpleasant as well.
What will you do?


Can you step into the blue seat and so I can swipe over the green one? a curved line are seats on a rail who can slide to the left and the right. 15 seats make 4 couples, 4 singles and a group of 3 people who want to sit together. Ca

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3d Rhino Design — © Close Act Design

Moving Bench first prototype by — © Close Act Design

Moving bench for industrial spaces — © Merk Tilburg

MOVING BENCH — © Close Act Design