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Sustainable material from The Good Plastic Company

Recycle plastic sheets options

The Good Plastic Company introduces colours to inspire you and help you to refresh your designs. We transform recycled plastic into beautiful environmentally-conscious interior design and architectural panels.

We produce environmentally friendly panels from recycled plastic. They are high quality and have the lowest ecological footprint possible. Each panel is made from a single type of plastic so it can be easily recycled, extending its use indefinitely.

Our panels are available in 1000x1000mm size with thicknesses from 5 to 40 mm. They are suitable for a broad range of applications (similar to wood and other traditional materials, but with added translucent options) such as:
• tabletops, kitchen surfaces and splashbacks, windowsills, chairs and other furniture frames for the home
• cladding and ceiling panels for commercial properties
• cabinets, shelves, signs and dividers in the office
• shop windows, shelves, wall cabinets, counters, displays and mannequin podiums in retail locations

All of our patterns are repeatable; continuity and the ability to reproduce colour patterns into the future are key for consistent product manufacture.

The Good Plastic Company

The Good Plastic Company is a mission-driven organisation that is determined to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that are generated annually. Plastic waste pollutes our oceans and affects our food chain and more; we want to address one of humanity’s greatest challenges.