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A library of innovative and eco-friendly materials.

Bioteca, material archive

3D viewing room
Bioteca material archive
Clara Davis

Bioteca is a library of circular, smart and healthy biomaterials. Unlike materials derived from the fossil fuel industry, all the materials of this archive are biodegradable, compostable and produced from renewable resources.

These -bioplastics- can be based on different types of biopolymers sourced from the vegetable kingdom, such as : agar agar, sodium alginate, tapioca starch, pectin…, or the animal kingdom, such as : gelatin, collagen, casein, chitin….
In this library you can find circular materials made of food waste streams like the O-Trash² or Milkyway projects ; smart materials designed to performed extra functionalities such as the Biofilter project ; or healthy materials with healing properties like the Calgina project.
Each bioplastic sample is labeled with specific information : category, type, composition, properties, degradation and care recommendations; to help designers to understand the material's potential applications.
As a designer giving birth to objects, it is my duty to think about the life cycle of those objects, their durability, recyclability and end of life. Material research should be part of every design process.
The goal of Bioteca is to contribute to the growth of this new community of material designers invested in sustainable developments and inspire manufacturers to implement more ethical and ecological means of production.

Clara Davis

Clara Davis is a French material designerd focused on the research development of non petroleum-based materials.
She has a degree in textile design and in textile manufacturing and biology applied to fashion. She worked 3 years at the Fabtextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, where she learned 3d modelling, 3d printing and laser cutting to develop smart and sustainable textiles.
Today, She is working as a freelancer, teaching smart textiles and bio design applied to the fashion industry in Barcelona.