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(Archive) Waltic | Plastic bags turned into wrist watches

Waltic is a way to create new things, is the philosophy of making high value objects regarding international inclusion and nature preservation.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Designing the strap in South America (Argentina) — © Waltic

Waltic was founded by Fede Baroni an Argentinian designer and entrepreneur who being a sailor decided to put an end to the plastic pollution by repurposing plastic bags floating in rivers and the sea into unique wrist watches.

It's time for nature, it's time to cleanup. Waltic's philosophy regards international inclusion towards a sustainable economy, education, fair working conditions and the usage of 100% recycled materials in its production process. The project works as a br

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Dare to be the solution — © Voluntad Verde

Wear hope, wear recycled items. — © Waltic

Our team of change makers. — © Waltic

Dare to change