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Inclusivity can not without moral entrepeneurship



3D viewing room
Social label collection
Rene van der Hulst art-direction Petra Janssen

After Be positive 2018 and Save the planet & her people 2019, it is time for dialogue. The isolation of our makers during corona requires attention. During the conversation between maker Debbie and MP Mark Rutten, Debbie had a pressing question. When am I allowed to leave my housing "prison".

During the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, we look back and forward with the makers and share their experiences about this period. We also show part of the Collection Social label with 19 passionate designers and enter into a dialogue for a moral social compass towards an inclusive world. As a designer, we cannot do it alone.


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Initiators Petra Janssen (Studio Boot) & Simone Kramer (C-mone) with Social label product lines Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña (Studio Ilse, London), Piet Hein Eek, Dick van Hoff (Van Hoff Design), Edwin Vollebergh (Studio Boot) , Borre Akkersdijk (ByBorre), Kiki van Eijk, Kranen / Gille, Joost van Bleiswijk, Studio Rens, Haiko Meijer, Roderick Vos, Edward van Vliet, Rianne Makkink (Studio Makkink & Bey) and workshops from all over the Netherlands. We can set an example in 2020 through the power of design and communication. We cannot do it alone. Together with 15 workshops we make a movement for valuable work and appreciation for everyone.

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Social label foundation

We design customised work that everyone can partake in based on their skills, and so experience rhythm, appreciation and pride. At the same time, we work on a socially sustainable design collection that you can come and see at our Social label Lab in Den Bosch, but also online in the web shop. It is our vision of another world. In light of the current crisis, more urgent than ever.