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Giving patients and caretakers with little access to the outside world a connection to nature.

The Healing Pod

3D viewing room
The Healing Pod @ Inspiratie Centrum NFH
Architecture of Cure

The Healing Pod, by Architecture of Cure, is a small space that provides a connection to nature for patients and caregivers in healthcare facilities who have little access to it.

Being a patient or caregiver in a healthcare setting can be highly stressful. The Healing Pod is here to change that.
Inspired by professor Roger Ulrich’s research on the positive effects of nature on patients, the Healing Pod uses a soft sensory experience inspired by nature to bring the user to a more relaxed state of being.
The Healing Pod works using the following five elements:
- a green environment
- sound
- scent
- light therapy
- and natural materials.
Each play a part in the complete sensory experience.

The latest prototype of the Healing Pod, prototype 2.0, was made possible through a VoordeKunst crowdfunding campaign. Gemeente Den Haag, Nature for Health, and fifty other individuals contributed to the final goal of 4,000 euros. With this Architecture of Cure was able to build and transport the second prototype to its first location: Nature for Health's Inspiration Center in Berkel-Enschot. The Healing Pod is designed so that it can be built up and back down using an flat-pack IKEA-style method, making it easier to access more complex buildings.

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Architecture of Cure

Architects and designers have a responsibility when designing healthcare buildings and places of health. Not only to provide a safe and logistical building, but to facilitate a holistic recovery process and provide a safe haven for healing and wellbeing for patients and caregivers alike.
Architecture of Cure is a design studio that researches healing environments and designs experiences based around health and wellness. It was founded by Dutch designer Anna Pelgrim.