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Meet the future shaped by pioneers in the field of ecodesign

German Ecodesign Award

3D viewing room
© Kühnapfel Fotografie

Have you ever eaten chips made out of mealworms? Or have you tried to make compost out of your own organic kitchen waste, right in your apartment? This exhibition reveals the winners as well as the nominees of the German Ecodesign Award.

Explore outstanding projects by a variety of pioneers in the field of ecological design. Projects from all sectors ranging from sustainable construction to housing, nutrition and many more are awaiting you. From innovative packaging to recyclable insulating material and leading sustainable architecture: meet the future shaped by pioneering thinkers and makers.

The price is awarded anually by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the German Environment Agency (UBA) in cooperation with the International Design Center Berlin. Companies in all sectors and of all sizes, as well as individual designers are invited to present their projects, with Ecodesign in its core.


International Design Center Berlin

The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) is a leading, independent German design institution. We promote design as a driver for business and social innovation. Our multidisciplinary member network provides knowledge and expertise from diverse fields and industries. We connect the design field with businesses, foster knowledge exchange and implement projects and events. We work in active exchange with representatives from politics, culture and science at national and international levels.