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(Archive) Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

Redesign the production cycle of the world’s most reviled material

This project was part of DDW 2020
Rethinking Plastic exhibition-Beachcombers — © Gundega Strauberga

Plastic is considered a cheap material, which is why we easily throw it away. With all its consequences. High time to look at plastic differently and deal with it differently.

Plastic causes environmental problems, but it also has advantages. It’s not black or white. We have to think differently about plastic as a material and deal with it differently. Designers play a crucial role in that necessary change.

Plastic is consid

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Rethinking Plastic exhibition-Yksi Expo — © Leonne Cuppen

Rethinking Plastic exhibition-Klaas Kuiken — © Leonne Cuppen

Rethinking Plastic exhibition-Yksi Expo — © Soowon Chae

Rethinking Plastic-Yksi Expo - Soowon Chae