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Weaving Water

Kadans 2.0

3D viewing room
Samples of the textile sea archive
Lonneke van der Palen

Created by Dutch designers Aliki van der Kruijs and Jos Klarenbeek, the Kadans 2.0 research project examines the potential of raw scientific data: Can detailed measurements of the motions of the North Sea be transformed into something widely accessible, such as textile?

Can you weave with water?

Through their custom Weaver software, they now can weave the motion of water. Their experiments with waves and wool have produced different types of patterned fabrics that mimic, with painstaking precision, specific moments in the life of that body of water. Be it a shaft loom or jacquard, they’ve adapted both software and patterns to each method, producing easily readable —and beautifully tactile— translations. By doing so, the project is growing into a rich collection of textile pieces that form a uniquely timestamped archive of the North Sea.

Kadans 2.0 was developed alongside a team of oceanographers from TU Delft and interactive media firm Studio RNDR and visualisers Studio PMS.

Aliki van der Kruijs & Jos Klarenbeek

In their own ways, Aliki and Jos had been compiling environmental and textile data for years before meeting each other.

In 2016, at the 10 Years Thomas Eyck group show in the Zuiderzeemuseum, where they found themselves as exhibitors, it all clicked. “We are both interested in invisible forces,” they explained. “It was immediately clear that we could combine our skills and viewpoints.” And there, that invisible weaving of complementary expertise marked the beginning of Kadans.