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Light Sculpture

'BAE-CHAE' Light Series

3D viewing room
Portrait Series #1-4

'BAE-CHAE' light series is inspired by Korean Old Portrait technique, Known as depicting one’s inner side by back painting skill. Representing the invisible captivated me to contextualize the technique through a light design with a subject of portrait.

One of painting technique, BAE-CHAE, is applying pigments on the back of paper or silk to reflect them to the front. The harmony between the front and the back painting gives a better depiction. However, more than just a visual depth by the technique, it has been known as revealing the invisible of the subject, and conveying sprit with shape, which is a high value of traditional portrait.

The notion of the method captivated me to interpret it through light sculpture with a subject of portrait. Each color had been chosen in a state of concentration and continued matching and layering with other colours until I feel it works well with the state of mind and the moment of unexpected experience.

Atelier Jun

Atelier Jun is founded by Jungeun Hong, a designer based in Seoul.
She focuses on creating light and objet rooted in traditional value and intuitive experiments on materiality, colour, and form.