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Red sky at night, shepherd's delight

3D viewing room
Sky light surface

A collection of textile design for interior space inspired by weather proverb brings natural sky light into indoor space.

Weather proverbs are the result of ancient people's wisdom in observing the sky, it is the sophisticated connection between human and nature. By observing the sky, Zhou Mi collected the different forms of the 'red sky', use a variety of textile design techniques, mainly embroidery, to bring the outdoor sky elements through the fabric into the interior.

According to research, in urban life, an adult spends an average of 50 years of his or her life in indoor spaces. This collection can be used in the interior design of homes and public areas. The idea is to relieve the oppressive feeling of living in an indoor space for long periods of time, to bring the good weather inside and to extend the indoor space as part of the outdoor space.

Mi Zhou

Mi Zhou graduated from the Royal College of Art (MA) in 2020 and Central Saint Martins (BA) in Textile Design. She specialises in combining a variety of design techniques, using colour, materials and fabrics to narrate the relationship between humans and nature.