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HOMEomorphism 2020
Photographed by Yuta Sawamura

The conceptions of HOMEomorphism stem from a shared interest in domestic space in the era of COVID-19. Nee Nee Collective gathered divergent perspectives and styles cohere into a witty and mind-bending reinvention of domestic life aptly relevant to reflect on current transformation in our lives.

When invisible enemies rigorously expand its territory, we find ourselves contained, sealed, and inhibited from trespassing the world outside the doorsteps. During this time of seclusion, the domestic space faces a challenge to exercise the maximum versatility. Within the given architectural structure, the home has to become a shelter, classroom, and workspace while sustaining equilibrium amongst inhabitants. This phenomenon requires bending and stretching of our minds and ultimately transforms the definition of a contemporary home.

The prospective definition of home evokes in the exhibition title, HOMEomorphism, that describes a continuous deformation of an object resulting in a new shape. Our research exploring the representation of nature, handcrafted intimacy, subverting the role of objects, questioning self-awareness, cultural landscape and virtual exhibition precedes the pandemic. HOMEomorphism features works made in lockdown, infusing one’s personal experiences with idiosyncratic artistic practices, each artist ponders the possibility of a future home, ceaselessly bending and stretching its form and meaning.


NEE NEE Collective

Motivated by the plasticity in rethinking what constitutes the new domestic landscape. Nee Nee Collective consists of six artists/designers: Ahn, Hansol Kim, Kurina Sohn, Sho Ota, Yoon Shun, and June Park based in the Netherlands and South Korea. As a collective, we share the design methodologies based on our fascinations and forge speculative design propositions.