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The Dawn of Design

The Dawn of Design

To Worship Progress

All week at Piet Hein Eek | Strijp T+R By Atelier van Asseldonk

In a time where future builders are clueless, Atelier van Asseldonk takes you to the essence of tomorrow. We worship the progress from bone to weld robot, to the stars and beyond. An interstellar look into the future where outdated Futurism prevails.

Excess and fairness make way for functionality and pragmatic thinking. We don't worship the design, but the tools that make the design possible. The product is not placed on a pedestal, but is the pedestal. The object is merely a metaphor for something greater. The discovery and development of that discovery are central.

“Our technical knowledge is elevated to art and is not a reflection of the structure of the world, but a way and instrument to thoroughly deal with the.”

Discovering that materials can be used as tools is only the beginning of our era as primate designers.

We want to improve everything, make it faster, more convenient, and more functional. We owe it to ourselves not to view a discovery as a glorious victory, but as a starting point. A portal for the world of tomorrow.

Step into our vehicle and transcend the earthly, and become acquainted with the technological evolution that enables humans to enter a new phase.

Atelier van Asseldonk

“Atelier van Asseldonk has been developed by a relatively small and loosely structured group of people who differentiate projects by researching and developing primarily for the sake of radical innovation and enjoyment.

We operate in both the public, private as the institutional domain and create designs and autonomous works. The atelier works on projects varying from art commissions, architecture, interior concepts and product design. All derived from overly conceptual minds.”