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Embassy of Safety

3D viewing room
Bernard Hermant

Embassy of Safety investigates how design and policy can come together in the safety domain. Together we search for alternative ways of thinking and finding new solutions to make our society as safe as possible.

Security often is a bottleneck in complex social issues. Answers mostly come from existing structures and protocols, while some situations ask for a different approach. Designers can develop new concepts and prototypes that create space for different approaches within the existing, static system. This requires knowledge and support from policymakers and experts, whom we can find in the partners of the Embassy. A broad coalition of partners is involved in the Embassy: Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (Association of Dutch Municipalities), Aanjaagteam Ondermijning (Team Undermining), Reclassering (Probation Services) and OM spaces (Prosecution spaces).

Dutch Design Week 2020 will be the starting point of a long-term collaboration with several design studios, which focuses on the prevention of subversion on neighbourhood level. How can we increase the resilience of residents in vulnerable neighbourhoods? Special attention is paid to youngsters who are at risk of being seduced by quick cash. How can we provide these young people with the right insights and tools to choose a different path in life?

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