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Embassy of Food

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Photo by Liset van der Laan

The production and consumption of food is tightly woven into our daily lives. It is as simple and essential as it is extremely complex and scarce. All these aspects are examined in the Embassy of Food and the role the designer plays in all this is explored.

For decades, food production has been systemised, internationalised and financially optimised. In addition to countless benefits, this has resulted in a system in which we have lost touch with sustainability and our attention for the climate, appreciation of farmers and knowledge of food. This demands that we change how we deal with food. Which initiatives are already in place here and how can designers play a positive role?

But the topic of food is about more than just production issues. What is the link between food and health? How can we re-establish a more intimate connection with local food production? How has the intimate experience of food consumption changed under Covid-19? Which role do food ethics play in modern imagery, from Instagram to exhibitions?

Together with a whole spectrum of speakers and various collaborative partners, the Embassy of Food aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the wealth of the subject of food today.

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