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The Future Is Private is a playful digital installation with a serious message about privacy.

The Future Is Private

The Future Is Private
Jaihoun Habibi

The notion that one person’s data won’t make a difference is becoming increasingly more naive. Data traffic is accelerating exponentially and we need to consider more strict legislation on its commercial, social or political uses.

When you think about privacy, you might think that your personal data isn’t anything special. You'd say you have nothing to hide or that it doesn’t affect your personal life. But what if this data is used to predict how you think, feel, where you move or what you will buy?

The Future Is Private wants people to open their eyes to the potential dangers of surveillance and data analysis. Smartphone–, computer– and security cameras provide a huge amount of data on behavior. This data can be used by intelligent software to identify unsuspecting people in their daily routines, infiltrating your right to move anonymously, but more importantly; predict where you’ll go and what you will likely do next. By now, it’s easy to imagine what this means for advertising, but it can get really dangerous when it’s used to influence our social or political systems in the future.

We plead for a private future.

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Sigrid Wilking & Jaihoun Habibi

S+J, Visual Artist Duo