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(Archive) ASMR U Ready?

Material experiments will be displayed using the help of the ASMR, where visitors’ senses are stimulated to experience the materials.

This project was part of DDW 2020
ASMR U Ready? — © Sebastian Ziegler

Valdís Steinarsdóttir has been working on finding solutions to replace toxic materials with natural materials. Usually guests would be allowed to experience them in a tactile way. However now when obviously touching should be kept to a minimum ASMR will be used to give guests sense for the materials

I will be showcasing a series of material experiments where I researched the meat industry and the various biological waste materials it produces. With these materials, I want to reflect on society’s meat consumption and examine the waste that follows.

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ASMR U Ready?_Just Bones — © Sebastian Ziegler

ASMR U Ready?_Bioplastic Skin — © Sebastian Ziegler

ASMR U Ready?_Horsehairproject