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C. van Dijk, M. Goossens, A. Voskuil en R. Rommens

How far are you willing to go to keep up with our perfection-driven society?

The pictures are part of the Silicone series. Silicone echoes the current trend for plastic surgery.

It is hard to imagine a world without plastic surgery, it has become an integral part of our culture. We want to look younger and better to meet the ever-changing beauty standards. These days we value big lips, tight skin, high cheekbones, and don’t even think about a double chin. By incorporating facial objects, Silicone demonstrates in an artistic and playful way what it takes to live up to society’s beauty ideals.

Charissa van Dijk en Marit Goossens

Charissa van Dijk and Marit Goossens are two young creatives. Charissa is a conceptual designer and Marit a conceptual photographer. They first met two years ago, and soon their first project emerged, called Look at my Nipple. This project was exhibited during Dutch Design Week in 2018. The artists are back two years later with a new project named Silicone. This collaboration reflects their shared interests, such as the female body, the strive to perfection, and the breaking of taboos.