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Coffee table with a coral-shaped base made of recycled plastic granulate.

Cosmic coral

3D viewing room
Cosmic Coral
Yaroslava Galayko

Cosmic Coral base made of recycled polyethene (HDPE) granulate formed by heating is a whole sculpture without the use of any additional binders so that the item can be successfully recycled again (Cradle-to-Cradle).

Hundreds of million tons of plastics are made annually. Most of the produced plastic items are not recycled and reused. More than eight million tons of them get into the oceans and hurt the ecosystem.
We can reduce the negative impact if we to look for ways to reuse the already produced plastic. The Cosmic Coral table is an example of an aesthetically attractive object from recycled plastic materials.
The base of the coffee table Cosmic Coral was made of Recycled low-pressure high-density HDPE polyethene in granules. The sculptural table frame is formed by spot heating and by putting material layer by layer. As a result, the base does not have any additional binders so that it can be recycled again (Cradle-to-Cradle).