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A Face Filter short movie about the inner dramas of Lola, Rosa, Carmen and the Mother and the methods they use to find themselves.


1646 and the photographer: Jhoeko

"Novel" flickers between the masks we wear in society. The girls go through an introspective journey in a quarantine, accompanied by their phones and devices. They use frontal cameras and gossip to find themselves and augment their reality.

Novel is a confession of thoughts I'd been arriving towards after years of watching and filming my family members gossip. Talking about the small little things in life but also about thoughts they could never even tell their partners. Using gossip I wanted the girls to digest their thoughts but also to become aware of themselves. The face filters became a Hellenistic portrayal of how the verbal can become non-verbal. And what type of masks we wear depending on whom we are with. Creating these characters resolved my thoughts but also made me see myself in a third-person view. Which then translated into the video as the selfie mount that the girls wear. It elongated them and augmented their reality.

This project can also be seen as part of the 2020 Manifestations, won the Interactive Media Design Department prize at KABK and has been nominated for the Young Talent Award.

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Carmen Roca Igual

Carmen is a lens-based artist working between the arts and the film world. Her work resurfaces the meaning of getting to know oneself by trying on different personas. Varying between working completely by herself or collaborating with friends and especially family. She has recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague in Interactive Media Design.