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Silicon Sights is a visual exploration of Adam's research into the camera and the value of an image. He assigns his alter ego to explore the digital realms and report back, resulting in a collage of moving images from cameras in different dimensions: physical, digital, and latent.

Silicon Sights is an abstract exploration of the physical spaces and their digital replicas. The protagonist residing on both sides, equipped with a camera as a tool to traverse the wall, can explore and reflect on these seemingly different, yet related environments. A unique trait of the device is established and the video utilizes this ability to construct a fictional narrative. Contemplating resource use by the two sides of the border and putting forward an equation. Equation of pollution, render times, and beautiful simulated nature. The meta-human entities on the digital side are left to dream of a better future, a 'post-representational paradise'.

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Adam Centko

Adam Centko is a recent graduate from the Interactive/Media/Design studies at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. He dedicates his research towards new technologies and human interactions with them, using moving images, camera and 3D software as his medium.