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As we transfer into the realm of sustainability and more inclusive approaches we are shaken by the constrains of the current system. All systems start with thinking and this is the component we would like to alter by our fresh approaches, energy and attitude.

The project builds on three pillars. The first pillar is about endless opportunities with matter around us. The second pillar is about educating „on change“, by being deeply involved into the process of creation. The third pillar is about building communities that can gradually make the transformation happen. REALITY is a joint digital exhibition that builds up on these three pillars and showcases design-in-tech companies focusing on realization of alternative products we need now. mujō develops compostable materials from brown algae. Their first undertaking is to realize a packaging that exists exactly as long as we need it, easily integrable into ecological material cycles. Based on the principles of a circular economy, Tim van der Loo designed and implemented a new way to manufacture jeans - New Blue. The aim of this undertaking is to demonstrate that worn-out jeans can be a part of a new continuous material flow. ‘embrace’ is a wearer-centric bra alternative that is informed by the physical and aesthetic clothing needs of women affected by breast cancer. This project investigates a modular approach towards garment design with the aim to enable customizable bra choices.


DesignFarmBerlin is a design-in-tech accelerator initiated by the Weißensee School of Art and Design Berlin. It is funded by the European Social Fund and the Berlin Senate Department Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.