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Designing for Trust: No Trust, No Intimacy

3D viewing room
Eveline van Zeeland
Fotografie Ton Toemen

In this world full of crisis, trust is the one true cornerstone of life. However, trust appears to be rather elusive. But is it really? What if we can design for trust?

Everybody loves to live in a society where trust predominates. Trust is not only the cornerstone of relationships, it also stimulates economic growth. So if trust is designable, which it is, one would expect heavy investment in trust design. However, the active stimulation of trust encounters resistance. Both in academia and public live, designing for trust is accompanied with ethical questions at least and disgust at most. Why do we like to invest in the liveability of society by the design of tangible objects and not by the design of intangible aspects?

During this exposition-talk you will learn about the design principles of trust and the moral framework in which those principles can be applied. The exposition-talk will be given by Eveline van Zeeland. Eveline studies trust from a design and a neuroscientific perspective. She is the owner of the Marketing Design Lab and a research associate at the Department of Design, Production and Management at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente. Eveline is the author of two books (one on Neuromarketing and one on Marketing Design), of multiple scientific papers and she is a columnist for Innovation Origins.

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